Rebecca Lynne
Rebecca Lynne


Where I'm From

I am from a little town in South Jersey called Moorestown, right by Philly. I've loved music all my life, starting when I was in "Mommy & Me" classes when I was a baby and they first handed me a maraca! I started taking piano lessons at five, and all throughout school growing up, sang in plays and in my school's choir. I taught myself how to play guitar in 7th grade and have been playing for 9 years now! I wrote my first song in 8th grade right before I started High School.

I have lots of family from the south in Georgia, and South Carolina. I grew up going down there for long family visits on holidays and summers to see my grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins. So that is when I picked up my love of country music at such a young age! And I've been playing and writing it ever since! 

Where I Am Now

I just turned 21 recently, and have been living in New Haven, Connecticut since about 3 years ago when I came up here for college. I went to the University of New Haven for Music Industry up until last year, and am loving living, and performing in the Southern Connecticut and New York area!

Where I'm Going

As much as I am loving Connecticut, and even as sad as I will be to leave all the friends I have made up here, I am super excited to announce that I will be making the move to Nashville, TN soon! Not exactly sure when yet though, so for the next few months at least looking forward to continuing writing/collaborating and performing in venues right here on the awesome East Coast!

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